Your Source for Your Vintage Woodworking Hand Tool Needs

Our goal is to provide vintage woodworking tools at a fair price with speedy delivery and prompt service. We also make a few wood items for our Etsy store. The links below provide access to our various store fronts along with what you might expect to find in each.

We buy tools from estates and auctions throughout the mid-Atlantic region and resell them worldwide on-line and locally via shows and tool swaps. In general, these vintage tools are in "as found" condition, perhaps dusted or lightly cleaned to show. Anything that's been handled more extensively will the noted as such.

Our handmade wood items are all made by us, we don't resell Asian knock-offs.

We love tools and learning about old tools long forgotten. Sometimes we have a tool that we can only guess at. If you see an error or incorrect guess, we welcome polite feedback. Send such correspondence to

If you are looking for something specific that you don't see in one of our stores, let us know, we might be able to help. At any given time, we only have about 25% of our stock on-line and we are out buying 2-3 times a week. We also consider custom orders from our Etsy shops.

DukeG's Vintage Tool Emporium

This store on eBay contains a wide selection of vintage woodworking hand tools with concentrations in: Stanley Planes, Chisels of all types, Hammers of all types and Saws, primarily Disston, some fresh and some restored. In addition we offer some woodworking books, skeleton keys and locks.

DukeG's Wood Crafts

This Etsy store stocks many of our hand crafted with a focus on small items of period furniture, material culture and woodworking tools. All items are made either from personally harvested wood on our property or is sourced from vendors that use sustainable practices. Everything is hand finished and all finishes are child and food safe.

Everything is made by us personally. We do not resell Asian knock-offs. We accept custom orders on a time available basis. We will work with you on projects large or small.